Te Rongoa Maori. P M E Williams. (1996) 2008.
The author learned much about using plants and trees to make medicines from Ngapuhi kaumatua many years ago.
Here he describes 43 native plants and their medicinal uses.
79pp; b/w & coloured illustrations. Soft covers.

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Maori Healing and Herbal. Murdoch Riley. (1994) 2003.
A very comprehensive history of the Maori uses of plants and herbs as medicines. Huge list of ailments and remedies. List of plants and their uses both as internal and external medicines.
Quotations from old historians with sources/dates on the topic.
528pp; coloured photos; index; bibliography; large thickhard covered book with Dust Jacket.
Inscription and name

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Tohunga. Hohepa Kereopa. Paul Moon. 2003 1st edition.

The world of the tohunga is explored by the author with Tuhoe tohunga, Hohepa Kereopa.
Subjects dealt with are whakapapa.
Signs in sickness. Rongoa. The medicinal use of plants list of plants and trees and their uses.
Religion, Rua Kenana, Iharaira.
Tohunga knowledge, death, tapu, mauri, karakia, names, driving out spirits, seeing the future, utu.
Te Reo Maori, land, kaumatua, leadership, kaitiaki, the mana of the forest, weather

172pp; glossary; bibliography; s/covers

A Tohunga's Natural World. Hohepa Kereopa. Paul Moon. 2008 reprint

Gardening and planting byt the Moon
Eating in the bush
Recipes incl Maori bread
Harakeke: types and uses
Medicinal uses of plants

149pp; b/w photos; glossary; s/covers

The Tohunga Journal. Paul Moon. 2008 1st edition

Hohepa Kereopa share his knowledge and gives information about Rua Kenana.

135pp; b/w photos; map; s/covers

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